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With the sailing and adventure at heart we designed this stylish, yet subtle accessory, which you can pair with your everyday outfit and bring up your own personality through various colors we carefully picked. We only use high quality cords, which are actually used in parachutes making the bracelets almost impossible to tear. The main part of our signature bracelet is the anchor – which represents our logo, our theme and the style which we are trying to pursue.

Anchors also have a deeper meaning for their wearer, as they represent safe place to return to, so our accessories are also a great gifting idea for the ones you truly care about at heart. As we want everyone to be the part of something bigger, we give the bracelet with each sold pair of our wooden eyewear as a gift.


The whole process starts with a few paper scratches, drafts designs, then digital graphics appearance and in the end good few hours of hand-craftsmanship so we get each and every detail right. Currently the main and only material we use is bamboo wood, for it is very durable, yet light, so the wearer doesn’t get bothered by wearing the sunglasses for a longer period of time, which is many times the case when you are at open sea.

While enjoying every moment of sailing, when the wind is blowing through your hair and salty ocean splashes from time to time, we understand how important it is to protect your sight. That is the main reason each end every model of our handcrafted eyewear comes with polarized lenses – no compromises, maximum benefits & protection of the wearer from that opened sunrays we all love so much!

The wood helps bring out the unique grain of each pair of the eyewear, which means there is not a single pair that is exactly the same, as each piece of wood is also different in it’s structure. But that is how the nature and our sunglasses are – beautifully magnificent.


It is very important for us to make products not only beautiful but also worth wearing, so the main question was how to resolve so many desires of so many people and put all that into perfect pairs of sunglasses. And we think our solution is just about great! With our four classical, timeless, elegant & sleek designs underlined by the uniqueness of each wood plate and using statistic references to make the designs ,,just fit the face“ we came with four designs:

  • The Seacrusher, which represents the endless summer days spent on the beach. 
  • The Conqueror, progressive, yet retrospective design for people ready to show off their uniqueness.
  • The Aerostellar, with its straight to the point, light weighted design, but biggest scope of view.
  • The Yachtmaster, elegant and sleek. Half wood half metal, which makes the model stand out just as much as the wearer.