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,,We met back in 2009 while we were both working for Gold Arrow Camp, a summer camp located up in the Sierra Mountains.  We started to look for our first boat after Jon asked Shannon ” How would you like to sail around the world?” ( talk about a one liner right!)  Our first boat adventure involved a small pocket cruiser called a Caliber 28. The boat was in very rough shape, so we spent over a year doing a total refit in a backyard in the middle of the central valley. Once she was done, we renamed her “TARA” and set of! After a few eye opening passages and living on her for a year we decided TARA was not the boat for us." That is when they started looking for a new boat & later went on for a cruising life on her!


Delos is a tiny white speck in the middle of a massive blue ocean. Over the years it became a home to many adventurous souls from around the world. Capable of crossing oceans and being self-sufficient for months on end is just a few of her many special talents. Learn more about the stories of Delos and its amazing crew


Alexandra is a crazy Slovak girl, who chose to make traveling the meaning of her life. In 2010 she quit her regular job as stewardess and she hasn't stopped travelling ever since. Her motto is: ,,I live to travel, I travel to live." In her blog which already has more than 60,000 followers she writes about her crazy travels, fun adventures & shares sexy photos. Alex is also a raw vegan specialist, fitness health coach & yoga teacher. To learn more about her adventures, make sure to check out her website, which is updated very often!


Traveling the world by sailboat connecting with other cultures and nature promoting sailing as a viable means of travel. Journey is documented through photography, writing, and film, producing a constant stream of short films and a full blown documentary at the end of the entire voyage. Crew at More Hands on Deck aim to create a website with a plethora of do-it-yourself boating knowledge and low budget cruising tips.


Matt Humphries is a 45 year old professional sailor. Having raced five times around the world and winning many races such as the Fastnet, Transatlantic, Transpac to mention a few.nnToday Matt specialises in coaching Superyacht and race boat teams to success.